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    I have increased all my rooms on Expedia by just $5.oo each. I did this in protest to Expedia offering discounted rates from the advertised prices. After one month Expedia have not yet protested. I was embarrassed several times by guests calling direct informing me my direct price was higher than Expedia’s. So now it appears guests are still booking with Expedia at my increased prices, as Expedia do not always discount my room rates. When guests call direct I am still close to the discounted price so I get get the booking.

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    We up the prices for booking.com and Expedia.
    Still get people ringing up saying our $100 room is like $60 on hotels.com, i always say that the cheapest rate is with us direct but if you can get it for $60 then book it online. I inevitably get a call later saying it was in USD and it’s actually higher than the rate i quoted.

    Either way, we are always approx $5 cheaper than anywhere online.

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    We have the same issue here..
    As you know, Expedia own Hotels.com which discount us by 10% which we cant beat.
    but in saying that, we have got canny with our guests who use the “its cheaper on the net” line and we now ask them and which date are they showing?
    99/100 its a forward date.

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