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      Does anyone use these? Not thinking so much about intellectual property but private information resulting from the fact that most of us live in our businesses. We have heard (we are in a small town) information about ourselves that can only have been disseminated by one of our employees. Has anyone ever had an issue with this?
      I guess in life there are people who just can’t keep their mouths shut, it is just a bit unnerving when something you thought was private has become public knowledge. And in a small town I’m concerned that potentially leaked information could become defamatory.

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        Mountain Man

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          Yes, it is a bluff document. Maybe we are old fashioned, but we never speak to anyone about our employees personal business without permission so we are disappointed that the courtesy is not returned.
          I think these agreements, if used, are best done at the commencement of employment.

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          Mr PetersenMr Petersen

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            I am not sure how you would enforce such a thing as aconfidentiality agreement as you would be hard pressed to prove a breach.

            It is a bluff document.

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              Hi Mountain Man
              We have not used this, though I too have heard something from a new employee, that an employment agency had said “She is a hard boss apparently expects 100% every time you clean” Well duh, who doesn’t BUT we don’t/haven’t used an agency so the only conclusion is from a former employee.
              I guess at least mine isn’t of a personal nature either so I am lucky there. Maybe we should think about how we “look” at our employees!

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