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      Hi all ,
      Just wondering ,is anyone else down on occupancy for the last few months ? We are really struggling.
      Also can anyone verify that the lease holder pays the rates for the owner ? I feel its just take take take with no give from the owner..

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          We have just had a wonderful March occupancy. Easter weekend very successful, Loads of school holiday makers from Vic. & Qld. Lots of blue collar workers around as well. With Nsw, Act & Tas still to go on holiday hopefully some will come our way to North West Vic.

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            Basically the leaseholder pays whatever they have agreed to pay in the lease they signed! Paying of rates etc is very common, if not the absolute norm. We have a leasehold, and we lease out a motel we own. We get paid all outgoings for our motel we lease out, and we pay the same for the motel we lease. I’d imagine if you are struggling with a downturn in bookings that it would contribute to your sentiment of feeling a bit down that you are paying everything out. All I can suggest is double check the lease you had signed, but as I said earlier, I would be amazed if the owner hadn’t worded the lease to ensure you were to pay all rates. Hard to compare about occupancy rates without knowing where you are at. For us on the South Coast NSW, numbers were up overall, down in some months however after renovations with increased room rates, decreased wages – still came out at the end of the month well up. For our own motel in North Queensland, it hasn’t dropped below the 80%occ for the past 11 years, despite attempts to do so by increasing rates so it is a gem.

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              Yes, I certainly paid the rates in my last Leasehold.

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                Is this a symptom of an early Easter? Where people would have normally travelled to visit friends and relatives etc between Christmas and Easter, this year the time scale is so short that they have dropped off that trip this year.

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