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      What is a fair discount for long term stayers? Our rack rate is $140 and weekly we charge $126 (10% off). Now that the local railway line is finally being built I am getting a few enquiries asking for a few weeks or a month or more. Any suggestions?

      Stephanie@ Redcliffe Motor Inn

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          No discounting from me! Why discount when you can get your normal rate?

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            Thanks everyone for your input. No more discounting here. Stephanie

            Stephanie@ Redcliffe Motor Inn

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              Stephanie, what ever you decide price wise, be cautious of who you accept. Our railway line was upgraded a few years ago and the workers / contractors we took in were not of an acceptable nature. Boozing through the night generally disrupting other guests and me. Eventually we refused to accept them as guests and still do accept them or indeed road asphalting crews and road safety persons (stop go signs). Just say to them you cannot help with the multiple nights stay and we do not discount regards of the length of stay. Remember you property your rules.

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                No we don’t discount either – why give your rooms away cheaper than what you would normally get

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                  Discounting brings its problems, as when you discount for someone, it is always hard to increase back to normal rates. We never discount, but do run lower prices occassionally on-line. Only you can decide if your margin is open to discounting.
                  As feedback from ITSALIFE, make sure that if you are discounting that it is dependant on guest staying the length agreed, as many will look for a weekly rate and check out after a few days.

                  We shun long term stays and do not take bookings over 4 days. This is largely due to our rooms not containing cooking facilities and guests that start off fine and finish off treating the place as if it is theirs and slowly creeping in their own cooking facilities, etc.

                  However, I am sure that there is a lot to be said about longer term, but beware and ensure that the guest is always paid up in advance and the minute you start getting excuses of late payment, let the alarm bells ring and get rid of them.
                  Too often, we hear of motels being owed hundreds or even thousands of dollars that they will never see.
                  I personally would not issue an account to anyone that is not a government department, and would always insist on a purchase order outlining dates, tariffs, etc.

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                    Hi Stephanie. You need to make your decision of what is fair by determining if you really need to discount to secure the booking.

                    We never discount and charge the same price regardless of length of stay. Sometimes we do miss out on large bookings over a number of weeks however I see it as a great advantage to showcase our motel to the people who normally stay at the other local motel. Often they return to us on their next visit and also by gaining the overflow of guests not getting a room at the other motel, we get the business and payment on arrival instead of waiting 1, 2 or 3 months for an account to be paid by the long term guests.

                    To be honest, my opinion is that discounting rooms creates busy fools. Just my opinion and sure others have different views and I wish you all the best on what ever decision you make.


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                      Stephanie, before discounting or quoting for long term stays, never take their word that they will be staying for the entire stay they say. Very often they say they are staying longer than they intend to get a better price.

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