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      Hi all

      Just wondering how everyone is going with OTA bookings vs direct bookings, and any strategies being used to try to drive direct bookings? There was a great video on ABC’s The Checkout (AAofA have an article and link to it) which would be great if all potential guests viewed, but that’s not going to happen!

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          Hi guys,
          I shared this video on my Facebook hope and asked all my friends to share and ask their friends to share also, so that hopefully it would go a little bit viral!!
          I suggest to all our customers that book direct and tell them how much they save and how much these osea otas are ripping off Australia almost $64bill last year went offshore without being taxed..lot of hospitals, school and roads. They are amazed and unaware, so i spread the word to book direct, but if they must use an ota i tell the to use Quickbeds/Flightcentre or hooroo/qantas/jetsar as at least these are Aussies companies who pay tax and it says in the country.
          perhpas we should be doing this to help spread the word!
          just a thought!

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            great clip

            we all know what the multinational companies do and also how limited in power the ACCC is unfortunately.

            just a quick question to all who use OTA’s do you actually sign paperwork with them or is it just an electronic agreement?

            I did hear a story a while back where a guy in the states or the UK got an application for a credit card, the usual paper agreement, anyway he crossed out the interest rate initialled it, put his own terms on it that he would not need to pay interest at all, then when the bank tried to get what the thought they were due, he didn’t pay, got taken to court and won. egg on the banks face..

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                Hi WaynePhilip

                We are only with the Expedia group so I can’t comment on other companies, but no, it’s a standard contract online and you basically have no ability to change contract conditions (unless of course you are a large hotel chain!). When WOTIF was bought out, I read the terms and conditions of Expedia’s contract and had a long list of items that raised red flags. I discussed these with the person that was handling the change-over and was told to agree or not agree but no changes would be made…and I couldn’t sign up if I didn’t agree.

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              Motel MingleMotel Mingle

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                The link to the short video is following:

                Finding answers.        Sharing ideas.        Solving problems.

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                    Thanks Motel Mingle!

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