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      Hi Guys, just wondering what is the best way to determine relief manager rates?

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          So pandk for your $220 a day what do you do? I am truly interested so I can guage if I expect too much or if we are being ripped off! (We “inherited” a couple when we bought the motel).
          Do you also get your food, but no alcohol(or drink 3/4 carton crownies??)? do you expect to get “extra” food (take money out of petty cash) or do you make do with what the motel already has?
          We have 19 rooms, meals to the rooms and cooked/continental breakies. We service 3 rooms twice daily (permanent rooms).Our linen is outsourced. Do you do any cleaning, prepping the rooms, cooking, cleaning the pool, cleaning up the kitchen after you have finished??

          Am I expecting too much to think that if we only had 2 rooms to clean that you would clean them AND not call in the cleaners OR leave them till the next day?? If we have 5 or 6 outs, am I expecting too much for you to strip the beds, replace the linen, hang the towels, put on the pillow slips, wash up, empty bins, refill the condiments???? How much is normal for travel money…should we expect to have to pay.
          We have only been in the game for under 2 years. We have had 3 different “managers” ranging from 1 day – 10 days. All have been fairly ordinary, even though all have had their own motels at one stage!! The last ones, one half sat in the back office watching tv and drinking coffee nearly the whole time. Is this normal??
          We are becoming extrememly dissillusioned with relief managers, and really wonder if its worth going away!!

          If there are other relief managers out there, who want to give a run down on what you do for your $$ PLEASE do so. I know there was one other guy on a forum, who felt the same as I, so perhaps there are plenty of us but are all to scared to say anything, in case we scare you ALL away.
          I believe we are all looking for ourselves….someone who will look after it as if it were ther own, who really cares for the business and not just the paid holiday, who is willing to uphold the values/service and standard that we have built up, who is prepared to go that extra mile to make the guests stay enjoyable and memorable.
          We are looking for someone who is prepared to come in for 3 or 4 days every now and them, and then for 10 days towards the end of the year AND to treat our business with respect. If you are that couple please let me know!!

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              Hi Busybees, Great post. I highly recommend that you advertise your position for a relief manager in our Jobs Board- situations vacant section. It is totally free to advertise and you can find it here at

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                  We are thinking of putting a manager couple on every second month to live in for that month and would like to know what members here think is a fair pay. We have 18 rooms running at 45% occupancy over the year with summer the busiest times which can be 100% for 4 to 6 weeks. Included in package will be free rent, telephone, internet, electricity etc(all living costs). We only require continental breaky delivered to rooms the night before and no cooking is required at all so we will only make the continental food free to the managers. If 4 rooms or less, we will require the managers to clean the rooms, any more a cleaner will be available to help out. Washing is required with large commercial machinery for washing and drying. The manager is not expected to be checking emails or any accounting as my partner and I will keep an eye on things remotely while we are away. Driveway and gardens will need looked after and kept tidy.

                  Your thoughts please as we need to decide if it is a viable action to take by putting on managers.

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                      We believe the going rate for a couple would normally be around the $200 per day for short term.
                      I would think that maybe something around $1000 per week for longer terms. Maybe you could come up with an incentive bonus if you achieve a higher than expected occupancy.
                      This comes with its problems as if this is not achievable, it could lead to managers losing interest, but I think that this would show in their performance and attitude.
                      Whilst, like us, you may want to keep most things close to your chest,you may like the idea of getting managers involved in basic emails and bookwork to keep them enthused.
                      Remember one thing, It is Your Business and if they are not working out, cut your losses before it drives you to despair,
                      Many times we have a false belief that our staff are great, but don’t let them rule the roost.

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                  My husband and I are relief managers and we get paid a base of $220, that is usually up to 20 rooms anything over 20, the rate is discussed but also depends other jobs required eg. complete laundry, supervising a restaurant the list is very long. We find that most moteliers employ us for 4 – 7 days the first time and then extent the time and frequency if they are happy with our service.

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                    123daily – we have 10 rooms/apartments

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                      Robguy27 how many rooms for the $220 a day?

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                        We have had relief managers every year over the last 7 years. They are all different in their own way. Some are more proficient than others. Some don’t mind working hard & others prefer to just sit back & relax & do not much at all. The one’s that say they will do everything usually charge about $220 per day for two, plus travel expenses, plus supplying them with food for the period and/or a food allowance. It depends on how many rooms you have and what you want them to do

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