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      Please let us know if you have recently applied for finance for purchasing a motel leasehold with the current lending conditions. Also let us know which finance organisation it is to give us a heads up.

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        Welcome to the Motel Mingle Forums Jayden and thanks for the info.
        Not quite sure what you mean by depending on cash flow other than obvious cashflow to service the loan. It would be great if you could also check out the following topics and help us out with any info you may be able to share.

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          Hi Motel Mingle,

          Depending on the location of the business & cash flow you can achieve between 50-60% LVR on a leasehold from the major banks. Rates are around 6%, but again it depends on the strength of the business, experience of the operators and its overall cash flows.

          Let me know if you have any specific scenarios you would like to discuss?

          Jayden Vecchio
          Director |Discovery Finance Group | p: 1300 88 73 28
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