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      Can anyone suggest a good “Conditioning Shampoo 20ml tube or bottle”

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          we have switched to a single dispenser, one for handwash in over the bvasin, and in the shower it is a 3 in one, baody wash, shampoo and conditoner. It is the best thing we ever did. The shower is so much easier to clean, there is no half used gooy soap bar to get rid of and no packaging waste. It has not affected our ratings, and I said the shower is soooo much easier to clean! worth the change over.

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            Thanks for the info guys. Not too bothered about AAA Ratings anymore and think that a conditioning shampoo is sufficient enough to provide to guests, as most guests only stay at our motel for the 1 night.

            Any one else using a conditioning shampoo out there? Just wondering if other suppliers are offering the product.

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                Hi, I am using Natural Evolution cond/shampoo 20ml. This is the main source http://www.swisstrade.com.au/natural-evolution
                I also use their soap. I pay $52.64 for a carton of 15gram sealed soap. The 20ml conditioning shampoo is $108.90.
                Both are tax paid prices and each box contains 500 pieces. I buy from a distributor out of Bendigo and the good s are freight free to me. AAA now has very low points of recognition for guests amenities in our rooms compared to prior 2011 when the changes to inspections happened. Less inventory for me to have the combo hair wash/conditioner.

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                We are currently using the ECO BATH range from AUSPACIFIC group.

                Range looks ok and price is good.

                Good comment from ROBGUY, but you have to justify price against whether you feel that it will harm your rating.
                This could cost you an extra $600- $1000 per year just in 1 little product.

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                  Just FYI I don’t know whether it makes a difference to you or not but we had a conditioning shampoo (shampoo & conditioner in one bottle) some years ago & AAA said as far as points are concerned you are marked down because you are supposed to have 1 x shampoo and 1 x conditioner in separate bottles or tubes

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