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      What is the generally accepted practice for charging for babies/toddlers? We currently only charge for beds, however find we get the most work out of the little ones (disposing of nappies, providing microwaves, cleaning etc) for no reward. Not to mention the ‘they won’t sleep in a bed, they’ll sleep in with us/in their cot’… only to find the next day an extra bed was used. How do others handle this?

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          Angimon – we do the same as CVM ie : if they use a bed we charge $20. We don’t provide microwaves to our motel rooms – if they want a microwave they have to go into an apartment which has a microwave thus the rate is more- there is no getting away from the dirty nappies etc I guess

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            We do not charge any extra if the guest provides own porta cot and linen or if the child shares the bed with the parent. However if we supply a porta cot or they use an extra bed, we will charge an extra $15.00. I have stayed at other motels and they charge anywhere from $10 to $35 for an extra bed.

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