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      Morning everyone, I have just joined today. I run a small Motel in Warrnambool – City Heart Motel and thinking of exiting our relationship with Budget.

      I am just looking for some advice really, on whether this would be a good move or potentially the wrong thing to do?

      Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts. Cheers, Suellen

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          Good morning Cityheart, Belonging to a chain certainly has its advantages. AND there are still quite a few chains out there.
          OTA commission, own channel manger, support both admin and technology are HUGE in my opinion.
          When we first started out, the assistance we received was so invaluable not only for the chain’s side of thing but also just purely running a motel!! We have been with our chain now for 7 years, and at one stage had too, thought abut leaving, but then I weighed up the pros and cons and the pros def outweighed the cons. The only con I could see was the cost-dont get me wrong, as a small operator it is still a little high BUT as I said the advantages, especially if you use of all of them certainly, make up for that.
          If you are concerned about anything, why dont you ring your chain and have a chat to the admin or manager, I am sure they would be only to willing to listen and to address your concerns.
          Good luck and welcome to Mingle!

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            Hi again Cityheart, when I go onto Budget motels website I can’t even find a budget motel in Warrnambool, the website is hard to use and I can not find your motel with the Budget website. That would be a concern for me as the website is not easy to use so people won’t bother. If I was you I would have searched on the website and if you can`t find it or it is hard to use then I would be on the phone to them asking why
            cheers again

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              Welcome Cityheart, hope you find some useful info here and feel free to ask anything you like.
              Regarding if you drop Budget or not, first you would have to find out how many guests that the Budget brand actually brings to your motel.
              You should be able to get a print out through budget itself on how many booked through there website. You will probably need to actually ask your guests when they check-in how did they find you and did the Budget brand help/not help.
              I know when we took over our motel, it was with budget and they couldn`t find any more than 6 bookings in 2 years that used there website. I also started asking guests and 1 in maybe 15 said because of the budget magazine they printed and distributed. We quickly dropped the branding and went independent. But we are in a small town with only 3 motels, so it is easy to be found.
              You are in a big town with lots of competition so you may need the branding to draw people in, that`s with the proviso that it is actually working. ( you need to measure the drawing power of budget)
              I looked at your motel and it looks very neat and tidy with really good reviews. For myself, I think the budget brand in a lot of guests mind actually just means cheap nowadays. Maybe if you think you still need the branding, have a look at one of the other brands in Budget stable, they have Orbit, Budget Gold, and Paragon, maybe these will give your motel a lift in customer type and rates. I did notice that your motel was extremely well kept on the outside which is great but it doesn’t seem to have any outdoor pergola area, pool etc. I know our guests like to have at least a little outdoor area away from the rooms that they can sit ( maybe I didn`t look hard enough) Hope I helped cheers

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