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      Hi all, we serve both cooked and continental breakfasts here to the guests rooms. We were just wondering what time other motels serve breakfasts at? We serve them from 06:30 until 08:30 seven days a week although we always get the odd guest who says “Do you do it any earlier than that?” – No is the answer!
      What time do you serve?

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          We offer cooked from 7.30am to 8.30am 6 days a week , and continental only on sundays . We start from 7.30 cos that rules most workers out and we send them to the local cafe that opens at 5.30am 200 meters up the road.
          Having said that , we are lucky to do about half a dozen cooked breakfasts a month , its great . If they do ask about breakfasts we tell them we are happy to take there money but we are happy for them to support the local cafes to!!!!!!!!!!!! Which most choose to do

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            We had a classic this morning! Where we work at the moment offers a FREE continental brekkie up until 8am. At 8:10am a couple walks in and starts heading towards the brekkie room. “I’m sorry I’ve closed off breakfast” says I with a handful of washing up, “Our breakfast goes until 8am” I tell them.
            “Oh”, says they and depart.
            About 10 minutes later the gentleman (I’ll call him that but you can guess what I really thought!), comes to reception to check out and says;
            “I want a credit for the breakfast we missed”
            My wife, who is always calmer than me, says that she can’t do that. Our breakfast runs until 8am and the fact the THEY were late is not really our problem.
            “Well”, says he “I paid extra for breakfast and I want my money back” (he didn’t pay extra but he wasn’t up for listening to that).
            “I’m sorry but the fact that you were late is your concern really Sit” my wife says.
            “But what’s 5 minutes?” (it was 10 minutes), “What if I came to your breakfast room at 1 minute to 8, what would happen then?”

            My wife keeping very calm said;
            “You’d get to eat 1 minutes worth of food and then I’d clear up”

            Beautiful response!

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                I wonder why you would bother to have breakfasts available only until 8am , if i were a guest i would be thinking that you really dont want to do breakfasts at all if you close it at 8am . It is a bit like some motels that include free wifi but the wifi doesnt work very well. Sorry but its just my opinion , if you dont want to do breaksfasts you probably should just not offer it, as sometimes a half hearted attempt does more harm than good.

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                    Hi Howie
                    Through this thread I think it shows that we all do breakfasts slightly differently, depending on clientele and what suits the individual property. We do room service cooked brekkies 7 days a week, 7am to 7.45 with orders up until 9pm, continentals delivered that night. Although our LAST brekkie is BEFORE 8am, we do well over the 6 cooked brekkies a month you do serving until 8.30. Out times suit the majority of our guests, and suit us, so it’s a win-win situation.

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                  When we first took over approx 4 years ago we were doing breakfast every morning and lots of them. We stopped Sundays well over a year ago. They have dropped off to the point (like everyone prior has said) of getting rid of them entirely. Unfortunately, it is part of our lease agreement that we must provide meals.

                  Our orders need to be in by 6pm, and are served to their room between 7 and 8.15.No Sundays or public holidays.
                  We also do the room prep or the cleaning so this fits with us as well, hubby is the cook!

                  We have breakfast boxes which are really great. We were using a company our of Albury but they changed the way they did it, so we are now using a QLD company. They cost approx $6.75 delivered and we charge $10. They have a cereal, juice, tub of fruit, muesli bar and a disposable plate and spoon (no washing up!), all packaged in a great presentation box.
                  We suggest the servo up the road, who do great egg and bacon rolls for $5 and have a good coffee.

                  We still do meals to the rooms Mon -Thursday but they too have to be ordered by 5.45-6pm latest.Again, they are a thing of the past also. We used to have a cook 5 nights a week doing anywhere between20-30 meals now we do next to nothing

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                    We offer NO room service. Our breakfast is complimentary (free) self served in our dining room from 7.3oam and closes at 9.ooam. Come & get it or go without… It works extremely well for us.

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                      Our Cooked Breakfasts have always been 7 am till 8 am.(Too early for some, however as we do the cleaning as well, this fits in with us.
                      In the last 12 months, we have stopped cooked breakfast on weekend and do continental only, delivered the night prior.

                      Everyone has their own routine.
                      Stick to what works for you.

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                        I have to agree somewhat. There are so many alternatives now for travellers to get breakfasts I often wonder why we offer them. We probably do about 60 a month like yourself but over Xmas and New Year we probably pumped out over 200 in that period. We are generally a ‘workers’ motel with very few tourists and this is where our main source of breakfasts come from as they simply charge back to their company.

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                          Hi Paul. In our neck of the woods, breakfasts are becoming a thing of the past, with so many alternative venues around now a day. Once upon a time, we were doing about 190 per month; now that figure is 60.

                          The only reason we do as many 60 is because about two years ago we introduced the $10 ‘breakfast special’, which we promote on a boards outside reception as well as in the rooms. It is a ‘no brainer’ for customers and great value with bacon, sausage, tomato scrambled egg and toast (cost about $2.5). And even I can prep that!

                          Many moteliers around here would like to get out of the commitment all together, but there is still the expectation that motels provide breakfasts.

                          That said, we are a not as generous as you. Firstly all breakfast orders have to be in by 8pm the night before and served from 7am till 8am weekdays and 7.30am till 8.30am weekends and public holidays. Continental breakfasts are served to the room the night before and we don’t do newspapers.

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