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      Have recently been receiving bookings with guest comment “I would like a quiet room.” I found it strange when it was on 5 consecutive bookings always worded the same. I raised this with Booking.Com as to whether this was an option on their site and was told categorically that Booking.Com does not suggest guest comment.
      Low and behold there is now a tick the box on all sites under guest comments I WOULD LIKE A QUIET ROOM.
      So be prepared for the REVIEW onslaught, as unless you are in a quiet area or double-glazed, you may be unlucky enough to get the guests that say that they requested the elusive QUIET ROOM.
      THANK YOU Booking.Com for another piece of marketing genius.

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          What constitutes a ‘quiet room?

          I have absolutely no idea. I do not believe that it can be guaranteed to exist.

          We get this request all the time from both online booking and walk ins. Now we are not on the Highway or the main thoroughfare. We have to have a road go by us or they could not get here. We could give them an end room, but they would still be next to someone or my neighbour. We are all ground floor and yet still they ask. Maybe they want a padded cell not a room and that we are on the road to the cemetery, with very little traffic.

          At the end of the day, you just have to laugh it off and assume that the customer does not get out much and must live in woop woop.

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            I have notice this too, was wondering why, so now know the answer.
            I guess the answer could be, well you should have booked directly with us, but as you booked online it does state its not guaranteed!

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              Yes you are correct and we have also received this request.
              My comments to guest are this: I have tried my best but you could be the noisy one lol lol

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