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      Everyone receive this email from about taking virtual card payments.. No choice in the matter, slugging 2% transaction fee and any card fees are to be absorbed by us as well…

      Guests have been telling us for a while they want to be able to pay differently – some just want to pay at the same time they book, and others want (or need) an alternative option like PayPal.

      Starting next week, will be able to provide these services for your guests.

      This means you’ll occasionally receive bookings with virtual credit card details attached. Its payment is always guaranteed, and you can use this to check the guest in on the day of arrival.

      Each virtual credit card comes with the exact amount paid by the customer when they booked your property, so we ask that you please refrain from charging your usual credit card processing fee. This will cause the card to be rejected. Alternatively, we hope that you can absorb this fee and find compensation in the increased booking for your property.

      If a guest cancels and they owe you a fee according to your cancellation policy, this payment is also guaranteed. Just charge the virtual credit card on the day of cancellation.

      We hope you don’t notice much of a change in the payment process, but we’re sure your future guests will appreciate the difference!

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          You can switch this method off on your Extranet settings. Go to payment types and simply press ‘no’ for online payments (i.e. virtual card). We only EVER take Credit Cards at the motel itself (apart from LIDO bookings) and don’t even have virtual cards for Expedia here as we used to have at another motel….

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            Yes we received the same email , we dont like that idea and declined the offer from other otas , as you can do with . If you scroll down to the bootm of the email it says if you want to opt out you can , you just have to do it via the back office area of

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