Hi all - your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Sorry it's a bit long...

Not long ago, Booking.Com changed the way their guest review ratings are generated. It used to be that the guest scored areas like cleanliness, staff, location, etc individually and the average score became your rating. This enabled the motel operator to see what guests liked or disliked about their stay.

Under the new system, guests still score the individual areas but only the "overall score" is used to generate a rating.

We are regularly getting 7.5 - 10 in all individual areas but receiving a much lower score on the overall rating. Recently a guest rated us 10/10 across ALL areas but rated us 8 overall. The 8 becomes the rating.

How are we supposed to know what they were less than pleased with unless we follow up with a call? That is not only time-consuming but sometimes taken by the guest to be a complaint against them. Lose-Lose situation.

I have lodged feedback with booking.com. but would like to hear what other think about this system (especially if it bringing your score average down for no good reason.) Perhaps we all need to provide feedback to the OTA if it is affecting our scores and, ultimately, our online bookings.