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      We have had a couple of reservations cancel at the last minute. As per our cancellation policy, we will charge the first night’s tariff for any cancellation within 7 days. In between the guest cancelling, and me processing the cancellation fee on their credit card, they have cancelled their credit card or spoken to their bank to block the transaction. I have spoken to our bank, however there is nothing that they can do. Has anyone else found this, and what do you do to get around it? On a long weekend, when we have been turning away rooms for being fully booked, someone cancelling at the last minute is a big blow to us.

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          Perhaps i read the rate parity wrong but state they won`t enforce other ota parity but they will enforce it on there suppliers, hence no change

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              hi Kate,
              We too have 100% on booking but we allow up to 2pm the day prior to check in, and then they lose the first nights tariff, in case of no show they lose the lost. SIMPLE makes them think BEFORE they cancel!
              PS Welcome to the forums!

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              Mr PetersenMr Petersen

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                We have a policy in B.Com stating that payments will be taken immediately. Cancellations will be processed as refunds and at our discretion. 100% success rate. We changed this policy issue after losing just ONE failed card…….We learn very quickly.

                Does anyone else do this?

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                  As BCM has pointed out, under deposits I have inserted a clause requiring full payment on Booking and 100 % refund when cancelled before 48 hours. Unfortunately I lost money on direct bookings on seniors who I thought would not do this. By the way, it is a criminal offence and you should report this to Police.
                  On another note,Accom News reports that and Expedia have been asked to remove the rate parity clause in their contracts as it is anti competitive.

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                  imageBallina Colonial Motel

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                    Kate hi.

                    This is old chestnut and we have had quite a few ‘forum’ conversations on the subject, so I don’t want to repeat myself.

                    If you look under the forum for ‘online bookings’ and then ‘guest payments’, you will get the views from a few of us.

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                      we have had this happen quite often with The best course of action is patience. Keep the card details and just keep trying to process the transaction. We have about a 70% success rate when the person eventually either pays off some of their debt level or reactivates the card. It is always satisfying getting the call from them on the ones you win on 🙂

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