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    Sorry to hear that happened to you TopTown. Years ago we used to have this happen in our 2 bedroom apartments but not any more.
    What we do is –
    1 – double check with the guest checking in the no. of guests & repeat it to them so that they know you know how many people are registered & should be in the room
    2 – count the heads when they get out of the car – if it differs go straight down there & sort it out before they move in
    3 – definitely get a photo copy of their credit card for any extra guests or damages
    4 – don’t be afraid to charge them for extra guests or damage – we do it

    We are very vigilant particularly with our apartments as people think they can invite anyone in that they please – sorry not the case – we explain that the only guests allowed in the apartment are registered paying guests only. Over the years we have had many arguments about this matter with guests.
    If any of our guests look a bit shady, as my husband is checking them out I go & do a quick check on their room to see there is no damage.
    It is your motel & you work hard so don’t let anyone rip you off – it’s actually stealing from you