Eco Inn, the problem for leaseholders is not as bad and you may think! 'Opinion' is that your landlord cannot hold you to retain a particular STAR Rating, only a STAR Rating. The courts would deem that AAA Tourism have made a 'material' change to the Assessment Program criteria and thus would not uphold the lease requirement.

This is a two edged sword, which on the one hand you can accept a downgrade to 3 STAR without fear of retribution from your landlord and on the other, you can use it as leverage to get your landlord to put his hand in his pocket to get such items as he may be responsible for (ie bathrooms) upgraded to retain your 3.5 STAR. If your landlord does not want to maintain the standard of his investment than you can even have an addendum added to you lease to be Self Rated.

We know this is happening