I am shortly to undergo another AAA inspection by whom I believe is the hatchet man placed to trim down star ratings for whatever reason the AAA has come to. This inspector has a very cold and savage manner to me and others I have had conversation with. Yes some windows were dusty , we had a storm the night before. The gardens need pruning, yes it is spring and everything is growing rapidly. So unforgiving in his interpretations and when asked what or how he wanted the upgrade or changes to be effected he had no input at all, "that is up to you" says he. How unhelpful is that. Anyway I have made numerous upgrades since his last visit and if he sees fit to revoke any rating from my current 3.5 stars I also will not renew my subscription. Asked him where is the most important avenue to place my money for your suggestions he says it was not his responsibility to advise of this. So fix this, change that, do more, this is dated, that is outdated but He will only criticise not be constructive. Will Vinz be agreeable towards me this round ? ? Perhaps. I will need to be con vinz ed