I was totally pissed off when my last assessment stated that I will be rated 1/2 star less from my previous assessment.

The main reason why I was pissed off was since my last assessment, I replaced all beds, bed side tables, lamps, linen including new bedspreads except for 1 bed. I even upgraded the old anologue tv's to new digital flat screens. Wow what a kick in the teeth after spending all that money and they want to downgrade me. Our cleaning has always been assessed as top notch and continues to be, so that tells me that something is very wrong with the way they go about things.

I was not present at the last assessment and my manager was left to hold the reigns. You could imagine my disbelief when I was forwarded the report.

Also in the report they make suggestions to improve your ratings. One suggestion was to have fitted bedspreads. I could not believe what I was reading, the room he was commenting about was the 1 and only room without a fitted bedspread I had not yet upgraded. However the bed spread was still a recently purchased bed spread but not fitted. What has a fitted bedspread got to do with guest comfort? Does the guest prefer a fitted bedspread instead? COME ON!

I contemplated writing to AAA expressing my disappointment and so on but decided that they did not deserve the feedback and I did not want to waist my time.

I spoke to my landlord about things and he kindly agreed to drop the ratings from the lease.