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    Hi Howie, a motel that we regularly relief manage has just switched from Hirum and Hisite to Satin and STAAH. Although we didn’t receive any training on Satin we found it quite intuative and the tech backup is excellent. It seems to be able to handle a lot of tasks and if you have a query/question, you can post this for phone back up online and the guys there rang back within 5 minutes – excellent service.
    As for STAAH it behaves like a typical channel manager although seems a lot more ‘long winded’ than some and the tech backup is not good. The gentleman who we dealt with at STAAH didn’t have a lot of patience and, to be honest, made a few mistakes in his initial set up of rooms for the property.
    Having used quite a number of PMS systems now, we have to keep coming back to Guestpoint (version 8 just released) as it seems to be the most user friendly and easy to use. As for channel managers, Resonline seems to work the best although I’m sure there’ll be any number of opinions….