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    Hi Howie, WOW, a 24 hour check-in machine! We’ve never been THAT lucky! 🙂

    In answer to the question, what is expected of a relief manager then all of the above would be, dependent on charges. Generally we would do all of your duties in the 17 room motel but not usually perform the housekeeping (there are exceptions). We understand completely why owners/managers would do that themselves as it’s important from a profit sense but that’s not so for an employee/relief manager. I used to run my own plastering business and worked from 5:30am until 8pm but when I bought my own plastering supplies business I couldn’t expect the employees to do the same could I? Do you see where I’m coming from?
    Our charges are generally between $250 and $350 a day for the both of us as a couple for any given 24 hour period. Generally if a motel is open from say 7am until 9pm then that’s still a 14 hour day no matter how its looked at and that works out at way less than $10 per hour each. But, that’s what we decide to do as a business and we know that. Remember also that relief managers are generally self-employed and have to still pay their own tax, insurance, super and holidays etc.
    Our base rate would cover up to 20 rooms with open/close duties, room stripping and replenishing etc. As I say, generally speaking, we don’t do housekeeping but will on occasions do a small number to help out (say 4) but this would then raise the daily fee by around $20 per couple (say $270 instead of $250). Breakfast cooking is usually part of the job but evening meal prep can also mean a further fee (say $20 per couple again).
    To summarise; a small (under 20 rooms) motel with no housekeeping or meals would attract a base fee.
    A small motel with some housekeeping and/or meal preparation would be slightly higher.
    Sometimes if financial duties are also required (i.e. BAS, EOM, Wages, MYOB etc) again another fee would be required.
    For example, we did run a 32 room motel with FULL accountability including breakfasts, shuttle buses and financial accounting/reporting that was charged at $350 a day.
    I hope this gives you an idea as to what to expect and charge? To answer your original question; ALL of the duties mentioned by yourself would/could be expected given the right managers and the right charges.