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    That’s also very true Busybees and highlights the need to contact any referees, although as we know these can be easily fudged also (mates of mates of mates etc). As relief/contract managers ourselves we have had, on occasion, the need to employ relief management to help us out and boy, what a nightmare! We had over 80 apply once and cut it down to six and quickly whittled that down to one who was best of a bad bunch. These were people who had owned their own motel for years and who we thought would be OK 0 they weren’t.
    A lot of people;
    a) Don’t know HOW to run a motel
    b) Want to run the motel THEIR way
    c) Change every policy and procedure that you’ve had for a long time to suit themselves
    d) Are inherently lazy

    It is VERY difficult to get good, reliable people who know what they’re doing *BTW, if ever you need someone, give us a call) and we understand how daunting it can be for an owner/manager to put their business in the hands of strangers…

    I’d be interested to know what you mean by ‘the price we pay them!’ because in our experience the daily rates of pay are quite low considering its a couple who are in charge for 24 hours a day each day. Having said that, we love what we do and always give 100% whereby we know lots don’t.