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    No chance of ever getting it knocked down – All contracts since 2015 are 15% – A motelier in Holbrook (our landlord) has now been charged for 6months @ 20% even though contracted at 15%. She has been fighting it ever since. Can’t afford to take it offline, she’s just hoping that she gets it knocked back down and reimbursed.

    Google is a very complicated business. Did you know, that if you show up on page 1 directly after the OTA’s that for another person your site may be on page 6. So don’t always assume people will find you on page 1.
    It tracks the users usage and will manipulate the search results depending on that persons usage.

    We add $3 for and $8 for expedia (cause expedia are using their commission to discount the rooms and undersell us)
    HOtelscombined will send the user directly to your very own website to book but they will take a commission of 14%

    Adding a few dollars has deranked us on the OTA’s. We are ranked #1 where we are but when you search us on we usually come up at the bottom of the list. This is purely because of the price difference. I also read an article this year saying that and expedia have started delisting properties in the USA due to breaching the price parity clause. Eventually it will happen here.

    Remove the parity clauses, like germany and france and others already have, where they have seen a 29% fall in the OTA’s brand, allow the direct sellers to severely undercut them – Get it out in the media that hotels are cheaper to book direct, like Dick has raised awareness (and he has, it’s in all the major newspapers and was on all the news reports)

    I had a previous guest who has stayed with us several times email me 2 days ago the following, out of the blue and isn’t even on facebook to see my post (i’ve pasted it below).

    Hi MVH
    Sending to you fyi – just spotted this. I had no idea, I’ve always booked through wotif and feel ashamed, I’ve always thought I was conscious of the effects of big business by always buying the expensive milk, not buying no name brands etc, just never related it to hotels..
    Never again
    Kind regards