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    MVM , i agree with nearly all you say . But we only pay a max of 12% to the ota`s. Who do you pay more than 12%? I understand you can choose to pay them more if you want to , which in turn will move you up there website, presumably getting more bookings.
    If we want to tell the public about the Ota`s we need to be factual and not stretch the truth.
    We are choosing to spend less on our own advertising and let the ota`s do the advertising for us.
    We are in a small town which only has 3 motels. So when you do a web search we come up on the first page, just under the ota`s , so it tells us that the public do not want to use direct bookings , so I take the view now that if they are to lazy to click on our website only just under the ota or ring direct then let them pay extra , we just put our price up a bit.
    We do tell them when they arrive that it is better to book direct but they don`t seem to care
    I don`t know what the answer is