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    Confirming email if telephone or email booking. Stating reception closes at 9.00pm. Stating minimum 24 hour cancellation policy starting at 2.00pm the day before.
    Key safe for late arrival accessed by last three numbers of mobile phone. But key only put in key safe if payment had been taken and the mobile phone had been answered if we called earlier in the evening. This applied to all including all OTA’s except expedia where we could take the payment. Note all expedia payments taken on their virtual mastercard on the day of arrival.
    All clients whose cards were deemed as invalid transactions were reported to the OTA’s and we would cancel the booking. Tough s*** on those clients who think they are so with it for using these sites. We would then charge the standard price for a booking – no discounts of any kind if they eventually arrived.
    If they supplied any false information to the OTA you have every right to cancel the booking.