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    Just wondering in regards to sending a confirmation email. If you receive a booking from , do you send the email to the generic email that gives you ?
    I know we dont bother anymore . If they are to lazy to read the conditions they book with or dont give a eta , we now have an 24 hour checkin machine. So if not here by closing time (8pm) , then check yourself in.
    If the credit card doesnt work then we make them pay at the checkin machine if they arrive late , that is of course if we havent cancelled there booking already.
    We dont really put up with it anymore , if you book with a credit card and it doesnt work we just cancel the booking. You can do this with most ota`s now.
    If if they really want the booking then theyc usually make the effort to call and then we book them direct , therefore by passing the ota`s
    I am continually amazed at the laziness of people , we set our prices on our own website pretty much 12% below the otas price.Most people cant be bothered to look at our website. There is only 3 motels in town so its not as if they cant find us on the first page of google.