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    We had one of these owners. 28 room motel sold as a profitable business specialising in coach group visiting a historic town in Victoria. Booked virtually every week of the year. The previous owner lost most of his business due to a bypass around the town and worked hard getting new business by writing to every school in Vic, NSW,QLD and SA as well as sporting groups.
    They had only owned the motel for a few weeks. They were from the sub continent – not trying to be racist. They knew everything even though they had never operated a motel before.
    The new owners wife would arrive daily( we found out later Mon – Fri only) from Melbourne. She alone, was allowed to enter bookings etc on the strangest booking system I have ever seen. She could also do this from home. She would write a list saying what rooms were required or call us from her home. He wanted to get rid of all the school groups and rely purely on passing trade and online bookings. But all these had dried up 2 years previously when the bypass opened. He did know everything.
    We arrived on a Sunday Monday a coach group arrived 85 kids – 2 coaches, then we found there were no housekeepers. He had cancelled contracts with the laundry suppliers so the washing machine and dryer were going continuously virtually all day to provide linen and towels for all the 28 rooms but the beds had to be stripped first. Virtually no stock of linen enough for maybe 10 rooms. On Friday we made up 85 beds in 28 rooms as well as cleaning etc for another coach group coming in. A swimming group for some swimming meet. We then cooked dinner for 70 plus and b’fast the next day. Dinner again on the Sat and breakfast at 5.00am just continental fortunately but the toasters were going hammer and tongs. By 8.00am that Sunday morning we had gone round every room, piled wet towels in the bathrooms made sure all power points etc were off.

    Packed our cars dropped the keys in the return key box and drove out. We emailed the owner when we stopped for coffee in town 7 km away. Needless to say we did not get paid for the week.
    A week later he appointed new managers they left after 2 weeks. We passed the motel en route to another motel a few weeks later en route to a motel an hour further west, where we were relief managers for 4 days every two weeks for a couple of months before we got a long term position. As we passed we noticed barrels and poles, old gates across the main entrance and a sign motel closed.
    A few months later we heard from a motel broker that the motel was and may still be up for sale by the bank a mortgagee sale.