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    Hi guys.
    Our channel manager, UseROSS processes all our OTA payments, and once they have taken payment issue us with a wex(virtual cc). We are not supposed to access it until the day of arrival, which we do, but our relief manager was taking it earlier!! If there is a dud card, they send us an email (either confirming or advising of invalid cc), we then log onto the OTA and log the card as invalid.
    We also them an email, advising them to submit a valid cc within 24hours or their res will be cancelled, or alternatively please contact the office to discuss further. When they ring, which a lot do, I suggest they give me their cc details, and I will only take the first night once I have received confirmation that they have cancelled the OTA booking. Obviously I explain, when they book online the whole tarrif is taken and they are charged a financial fee, but if they book directly we only take the first night to secure their booking and the remainder is payable on arrival. I also explain the OTA commission and the difference is some of the room rates. Most cancel and rebook directly!!

    By the way you can join UseROSS and make them your channel manager…save you a lot of hassle