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    Guests, in our experience, almost NEVER take any notice of opening and closing times. We always try ad ring/email the guest to find out their ETA. If they don’t answer, then SMS is the next resort. After that – tough. They should have listened.
    We have had a night bell before but never again! In our experience if you’ve not booked into a motel room before 8:30pm/9pm then you’re usually up to no good. With the age of the internet there is NO excuse for not booking a room prior to that.
    As other have said, one of the most frustrating things for me is the guest that says; “I thought you’d be 24 hours”?

    Do you Mr/Mrs Guest work 24 hours? No, I thought not! We get up at 5am and turn into bed at 10pm, isn’t that enough for you?

    (We actually had one guest say that he regularly worked 24 hours a day – and he was a pilot!