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    checkinn systems mini kiosk
    link –
    this is the one we have.
    We decided to lease it at $280/month or you can buy it around $9000.00 but we will be buying it outright this financial year ( 20% of lease payments can be used as a credit if you buy it )
    The company operates out of Melbourne and the kiosk can be sent anywhere as they are very robust it just needs power and an ethernet connection.
    But the best thing is they Just Work, and work all the time , we haven`t had any problems with it and the support is very good. You can operate it manually ( manual entry of guests ) or you can link it upto a pms and channel manager as we are in the process of doing so it is fully automatic. We have chosen to go with Satin and STAAH for various reasons.
    We put keysafes next to our room doors just in case the internet went down and we couldn`t drop a spare key but have had only to use that 1 time in a year