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    We put there details in our 24 hour checkin machine ( surname , phone number and booking number, they only need to enter 2 of these to get the key) and go to bed .
    We process the credit card payment the day before the booking and if declined we send them an email via the ota or directly and let them know if its not updated by 3pm of booking day, the booking will be cancelled. We have cancelled a few but overall most people update there credit card or ring through to make sure it is paid.
    If we do cancel it an they turn up still then we don`t have to pay commissions.
    We dont have to zero room bookings on ota’s anymore as they can book online anytime and checkin themselves in through the checkin machine. We are getting upto 7 or 8 drive ups a week that check themselves in aswell as any that arrive late that check themselves in . We have had our checkin machine for a bit over a year now and wouldn`t be without it anymore.
    We go out for dinner regularly and go away for a night or 2 if it happens to be quiet , as i can perate the machine via the internet if need be we have much less reliance on relief managers also