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    Whilst we are all suffering the robbery of and Expedia, we also will not accept bookings from other OTA especially Flight Centre and all its affiliates ie Corporate Travel, Stage and Screen, Student Flights and many others. In the past FC always demanded charge back with at least a 10% discount on our price and yet charged an extra 10% to the client. We were lucky if we got paid in less than 3 months. Now we only accept bookings with a valid credit card but still get slugged for a travel agents commission which comes in Via Onyx a Dutch company.

    Guests on arrival are told the best way to “make a booking” many will immediately cancel their booking especially when they hear how much money is taken out of Australia each year TAX FREE. We will take a new booking for them at a lower price that at least matches what they paid to Expedia or have offered.

    We should also be informing all our elected officials of the OTA robbery. It is currently under investigation by the ACCC in Canberra but little progress.

    We also need to remind ourselves that Flight Centre was penalised $5,000,000 by the ACCC for telling Qantas to stop selling tickets to the public at lower prices than what Flight Centre was offering.

    Yes our door prices are lower than the OTA prices. But this cannot be shown on our website like it can with the majority of motels/hotels etc in Europe who are allowed by law to advertise on their own website lower prices than the OTA.
    We have the same problem as USA and plans are being put forward by the USA Hotel industry associations to follow the lead of Europe.