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    We have opted to lease the machine for 18 months as a trial , but you can buy it outright , the one we have is around $9000.00 , if you lease it approx 20% of your payments are deducted from the purchase price should you decide to buy it
    Installation you do yourself , just need power and internet connection.
    We mounted ours on the wall. Then they do a remote install , i think it was few hundred dollars for setup.
    We have opted so far to not intergrate it with our pms , just as a trial
    But we are about to fully automate it with
    Satin and Staah , so then we wont need to manually enter the bookings , not that is a big issue , but it will be nice to just check they have gone in.
    Yes we do have a few just checkin on the machine even when the office is open , i think they like the try it out like a new toy.