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    We have managed a number of motels from 55 room to 8 room motels and are currently managing a motel in Vic. We are about to purchase a Toyota Coaster motor home and start travelling and working as relief managers where we can. A number of positions advertised to which we have made a reply – in all cases no response or suddenly the motel concerned has found someone local and yet keep advertising. Some even advertise for relief managers for “next week”.
    We know our quiet periods and our busy periods, we know now when our busy weekends will be for the whole year as we liaise with the major function / sports venues in this area. Not just footie but BMX, softball, basketball and many other activities – even a fishing competition.
    We can plan our times when we want relief up to three months in advance.
    We did manage to have relief for 4 weeks one year with one couple of relief managers, we suffered bad reviews as a result, there was a hit of a mouse plague in the area. In the four nights after they left we killed 78 mice and problem was solved. They did not believe in keeping any booking details / records on paper. Motel office stank of cig smoke. Now very wary of any relief managers and at up to $300 per day – I don’t think so.