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    Star ratings are points that add up, the more points you get, the higher the star rating. Having a night bell adds points. Now, that’s not saying that it lowers your star rating by not having one, but if you want to increase your star rating, little things like night bells, higher gsm towels, longer opening hours etc is a way of adding points. Plus, it’s just another service / facility that we provide to the guests.. Not every motel has to do it, but we choose too.

    Yes, I do want them to cancel if they don’t require the room… The email has all the information that the guest would possibly need to know, and we get extremely good reviews about the email. It does also prompt people in reminding them that this is their last chance to cancel free of charge, after that there is no excuse and full fee’s apply. We charge for the room 2 days prior to arrival and it’s made clear in the email that once charged it’s non refundable. We don’t want to hoodwink or surprise people, we try to give them every chance and reminder so that there is no dispute when it comes to requesting refunds.