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    Thanks MVM for your reply,
    We don’t live on site and dont run a night bell, and that hasn’t affected our AAA ratings, so not sure how that works if it affects yours!!
    I just love the way the OTAs control your content …. NOT.
    Why will they not allow you to have your correct “mileage”,esp as there is quiet a discrepancy in the distances, this could lead to false advertising?
    The email 3 days before and they cancel, not too sure thats a good idea! Do you really want them to cancel that close to check in?? We send ours as soon as we can after they have booked, that way they are more likely to read it….well thats the “logical” thinking behind it. We also send all our emails with a read receipt (not that it works for OTA address) and request an eta (which does prompt most to reply) and for them to acknowledge that they have read it. AGAIN, covering my butt.