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    *) do you send a confirmation email on booking regardless of where they booked? or do you just rely on the confirmation from the OTA (if that’s where they booked)? We only send confirmation emails for direct bookings and for over the phone bookings. OTA send their own confirmations and plus my system puts the pricing minus the commission – so don’t want the guest seeing that anyway. I do send a generic email after booking about distances from the snow as OTA’s always do this as a straight line and not the true travel distance (they say we are 40km from the snow when we are infact 110km’s) OTA won’t change this as it’s their policy to display distances this way.
    *) does that email information about hours/food/parking etc? We send an email 3 days prior to arrival with all the information.. This is also their last chance to cancel free of charge and you wouldn’t believe how many people this email prompts to call up and cancel.
    *) do you contact the guest on the day of arrival to see what time they are going to arrive, again regardless of where they booked? No – email 3 days prior has reception hours and if arriving outside them hours to call / email
    *) do you still run a night bell? do you live on site? Yes and yes – For aaa rating.
    *) do you advertise your office hours and still get guests that are unaware of such times? Yes, advertise and signed but some people don’t look or care and expect everything 24/7
    Thanks in advance for helping me out cheers! ?