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    So Tiddywazza,
    Just interested you say “no emails are sent” (in capital letters)
    then the next question under you say…do send a reminder email highlighting reception hours etc.

    In your response to your next post, to Ash, regarding after hours. Do YOU really need to clean up broken lamps at 12am or clean up vomit at 2am? Don’t you warn them on check-in to keep the keys with them at all times, as there is no-one to let you in after your lock up time. Or more to the point don’t you need sleep?
    I actually had one guest reply for me, when guest “A” was booking in, and I said, “hang onto your key because we lock up and go home and there is no-one here to let you in should you lock yourself out”. He said, “what if I need you after that”? Guest B replied, “if you needed something at K Mart would they come back and open up for you I don’t think so, don’t expect this lady too”!
    I had someone else ask, “what if there is an emergency”? “Well ring 000 and ask for the ambos, fireys or the police”. I’m not trained in resus(I was when Moses was a boy) so if there is a medical emerg ring the ambos cos that’s all I’m going to do once I get here. If there is a fire then that’s pretty obvious. and if they are concerned for their welfare call the police, I am certainly not going to go out after dark by myself!
    Most guest I have found will clean up to their best ability, and tell you in the morning.Then you can hook in then and get it cleaned. The ones that break something dont usually tell you anyway, fear of having to pay replacement cost!!
    In our almost 6 years we have only maybe 10 people lock themselves out after hours, so I guess we’re pretty lucky. We do have cameras so dependent on the time, I will go back and let them in! Thankfully we dont get cyclones here!!