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    With a view to motivate some of these discussions. They are so old…

    Here we are in 2018 and I am sure the attitude and direction has changed on the subject of channel managers and OTA’s. If you think you can live without them, you are going to lose bookings. Really there are only a few worthy of spending any time on with being the leader of the OTA’s by miles.
    I am interested to hear how these little known OTAs are going, such as beds24 etc.

    And how is Little hotelier going for those who are using it? Bellavilla? I am using it for the first time for a short stint andI have found it severely restrictive and lacking in any feature useful to a serious operation. Perhaps a 5-10 room quiet motel would justify such a program but for any operation of reasonable turnover, a suitable program such as the big ones, RMS, Guestpoint etc are the only choices.
    Web based systems are simple to use as its like any other webiste log in on any device. The more powerful ones are computer installs and only run on PC’s and either a standalone, network or cloudbase database. Anything that is web only is a total disaster without internet.