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    Thanks Guys for your replies, appreciate it.
    Just another question… if your guests haven’t arrived before you lock up, what do you do?? If you rely on the confirmation from etc, how do you feel if they can’t access their room? “Too bad”??

    We do send everybody a confirmation and information email to everyone regardless of where they book, our of courtesy, (and I wont stop doing it as it covers my butt!!) BUT like you tidyywazza, I honestly wonder how they make it to my door!!
    I was told once that you need to paint a picture for them… I put pictures of all sorts of “glass/crockery/bottles” and the wording “no glass or bottles” etc on the pool gate AND they still take it there!! one reply ws “it isnt a bottle”

    ALL websites that we are listed show our times/policies etc..(just like everyone)but they dont read them. We don’t run a night bell(or live onsite) and clearly state office closing times,and you must ring before 6pm, then when they haven’t rung, we ring them at 6 and their reply usually is…I thought you were 24hrs!!

    A classic example of not reading…. our breakfast menu lists JUICE under that lists COOKED BREAKFAST ALL served with tomato and 2 slices of toast. under that is BEVERAGES AND BREAD then under that is TIMES the guest ticked 1 bacon and eggs, 1 scrambled eggs, 2 white and toasted. I asked her is she wanted 4 slices of toast and she said no but I want toast with my eggs, so I showed her the menu and she said “I didn’t even see that”….. you really got to wonder sometimes.