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    Hi Ash,
    Unfortunately, not everyone who logs onto mingle actually becomes active. For some reason they come, look and leave. It would be great if more people got involved, after-all Mick created this site JUST for us. I understand that from time to time we get busy and dont get on here everyday, once a week to catch up on whats happening. Guests behaving badly is a great “place” for us to notify others of bad unwanted guests. Again not everyone participate, which is unfortunate, because it could save “you” having to deal with these ‘ferals”
    One member was banned some time ago due to his unsavoury and unwarranted comments.
    If you can think of some way to get more members involved I am CERTAIN Mick would love to hear them!! I have promoted this within my chain and with other moteliers who stay with us.
    Again it is for our benefit, so please share wherever you can. Start your own topic that may interest you or questions that you may have.
    The FB may take away the guests behaving badly space and I for one wouldn’t like to see that happen. Maybe the bad “guests” may see their reviews and think twice but legally I dont know where we would stand.
    Its open for discussion so hopefully others will put participate and pt their view forward.