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    Thanks Guys,
    I spose i should give a bit more in the way of details here..
    being that we are 40Km from Coffs on the hill, the first linen supplier that we were with didnt delivery to us, so we had to either pay by the bags for delivery and take away or go down ourselves and get it.
    our current supplier actually delivers to us and stacks it away, but charges for delivery.
    So, being able to bring my past life as a spare parts manager into being i was able to create a spread sheet that assists us with ordering of the linen to what we have booked in for on our system, stock on hand and with a couple of “Fudge Factors” included (1. peak period and 2. monthly same day book and stays) so we can better order without having too much stock on hand.
    It would be great if we could have a delivery service daily etc but at $50 a pop its a shade too much.

    Oh this also helps with not having to think and work out just exactly what we have to order to the nearest bundle size..

    if anyone who is “remote” to your linen service want to have a look see at what ive done, i can send through a basic copy of ours..