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    Hi Ash,
    It was the same before we arrived apparently. The former lessee and the motel up the road tried to get a “moteliers assn” going in the town but to no avail.
    When we first came to check out the motel, we obviously stayed in another motel. The manager asked what we were doing, and when I replied we are looking to get into the same business as you, his reply was “I hope its not that little dump out the road”. (When we took over our little dump was rated 21/25 on TripA for the past 8 months we have been in the top 5!!) This just shows you the typical attitude of the “long termers”.
    The motel up the road has since changed hands twice, and we again sent our spill-lovers up there and have answered a few questions for the current owners, but neither of them came to introduce themselves to us, it was only through the broker that we knew it had resold! When we first came we went and introduced ourselves.
    Another couple moved here (to a 4* in town) about 4 months after us, they have sent their spillovers to us too, and we have bumped into each other up the street (maybe twice in 5 years!!) but that is the extent of our “contact” with other providers.
    I really dont get the whole opposition to each other either. There is a lot we could do with each other for each other if only they would see it.
    And I really dont get that more people haven’t joined or aren’t using this site!!