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    I know this is a little “off” topic, but it is still to do with OTAs

    I hope like us all of you are educating your guests on the best way to book a motel????? This is what we do, and we are finding that our guests are very happy to do it this way in future, especially when they find out how much money is going to america un-taxed!! (the last we heard was $54 BIllion)

    I say, can I show how to save you money, me money AND Australia money?
    *Type in “accommodation town/city”
    *Ignore the first 3 written websites and come down to google map.
    *this shows you where every provider is located (so you can see where you will be located BEFORE you book) then click on your choice.
    *this will bring up the motel’s address, phone number, photos and reviews and the different tariffs from diff OTAs.
    *Ring the motel directly and say, I have just found a room for $X will you match it? Providing its the same room type and for the same dates sure! (I know there is one in our town that wont price match and I canNOT understand why…after-all it is us that give the otas the price so surely we can honour our prices!!)

    If we ALL start to tell them then its got to be to our benefit.
    Please will you all start trying this?? Let me know the reaction from your guests, and your feelings?