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    We had regular relief managers that we paid $250 per day, no travel. They did almost identical to what you have listed. When they moved on, the next couple were paid $250 per day and required us to pay $100 either side of the period of relief for travel. Our current relief managers that we get each 6 weeks to relieve our managers we pay the $250. So in short, $250 a day seems to be the going rate!! I guess anyone demanding travel payment comes down to how much you need them!! I find advertising on gumtree gets the best response rate, admittedly you get a heap of applications that are just a waste of time but for every 5 applications you receive 1 will be worth investigating further.

    We do not pay for food for them as some we have encountered also want, that is just stretching the friendship too far.

    At our second motel, we have a single person who does a gun job by himself that we pay for flights down from Cairns for him to relieve our managers for long breaks and pay the $250 per day also.