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    We had a classic this morning! Where we work at the moment offers a FREE continental brekkie up until 8am. At 8:10am a couple walks in and starts heading towards the brekkie room. “I’m sorry I’ve closed off breakfast” says I with a handful of washing up, “Our breakfast goes until 8am” I tell them.
    “Oh”, says they and depart.
    About 10 minutes later the gentleman (I’ll call him that but you can guess what I really thought!), comes to reception to check out and says;
    “I want a credit for the breakfast we missed”
    My wife, who is always calmer than me, says that she can’t do that. Our breakfast runs until 8am and the fact the THEY were late is not really our problem.
    “Well”, says he “I paid extra for breakfast and I want my money back” (he didn’t pay extra but he wasn’t up for listening to that).
    “I’m sorry but the fact that you were late is your concern really Sit” my wife says.
    “But what’s 5 minutes?” (it was 10 minutes), “What if I came to your breakfast room at 1 minute to 8, what would happen then?”

    My wife keeping very calm said;
    “You’d get to eat 1 minutes worth of food and then I’d clear up”

    Beautiful response!