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    Hi all,
    Just wondering what the going rate is for relief management is these day. Ours have just put their pay up, after 3 years. Do you have to pay for travel?
    We try to have a week-10 days twice a year, and aim for May and November.

    The tasks involved are:
    *the obvious front office/reception. 2 reports-cash transaction and housekeepers. (We use RMS and have a channel manager)
    *Cooking is Mon-Thurs basic home cooked meals, cooked breakies Mon-Sat. We don’t do a lot and all of which are delivered to the rooms. Washing up.
    *Prepping the rooms for the cleaners, stripping beds, emptying rubbish, replacing condiments, washing up, hanging the room towels and replacing pillow slips. VERY OCCASIONALLY cleaning maybe 1 or 2 rooms
    *The girls put the washing on- you hang out and fold the cleaning towels. That is all the laundry you do as ours in all done out of house.
    *Cleaning the pool, (perhaps having the water tested once a week),
    sweeping paths. watering the gardens and pot plants.
    * food (from the kitchen is supplied-though not alcohol) and accommodation onsite
    *hours are 8-8 NO night bell
    There is NO mowing, no myob, no banking

    So this should give you an idea of what is required, as I have seen some of the “adds” say “The fee will depend on the tasks required”.
    We are in the Southern NSW, if anybody has any recommendations, it would be greatly appreciated.