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    Have operated Satin and Guestpoint which both have 24 hour backup. RMS does not shuts
    down its Melbourne contacts number at 7.00pm. One of the problems here was that we found the motel website used Wix as its own booking site which did not integrate with RMS or Siteminder which we find much better as a channel manager than RMS. Perhaps Siteminder should look at introducing it own motel reservation system.
    Statistics on RMS are very poor. Cannot get a day by day analysis of what happened 12 months ago as you can on Satin and Guestpoint.
    Another mindful thing about all cloud based systems is that they rely on the internet. We have purchased a dedicated laptop with 4G Sim card in case internet goes down which it frequently does. Cannot blame NBN as Telstra is our provider via cable (Foxtel as well)installed 15-20 years ago and speeds sometimes well over 100mb and other times less than 1mb.
    The idea of a simple RMS would be good. There is too much on the existing RMS that 99% of motels would never use ie boat length etc.