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    Hi Cassius,
    We have been on rms for 5 years, and admittedly is was as simple as anything, but it has gotten more “bibs and bobs” then the average Joe Blow need.
    With the printing yes that was becoming ridiculous with 3 “hits” to print. They have no fixed this issue with “smart printing”. This was release approx 3-4 weeks ago, and now you only have to “hit” once.
    It is a tad more expensive than most of the others I believe but you do have 24/7 help, it prints all the reports that you could possibly ever want (not that I use most of them) and you can “take it with you” (cloud).
    I have spoken to my contact at rms re perhaps a “motel lite” system, she thought this was a brilliant idea and was going to take it up at their next meeting, whether I hear back from her is…….
    I did trial concierge for about 3 months, easy to use, inexpensive, but support not 24/7 and not cloud based, therefore, should you forget to back up and it crashes..too bad so sad, and you cant take it with you.
    There will be a new one released in about 2 weeks (I think) which will be able to be synced with its own channel manger,(useROSS,)who we currently use as our channel manager (GREAT!!). They are relatively inexpensive for the channel management side so assume that the new pms will be also. If you would like any info on useROSS please let me know.