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    Thanks Cassius , we may look at satin , it sounds a little like concierge in that it is loaded on your own computer but has online backup and support.
    We have found the self checkin machine has given us great flexbility to be able to get out of the office a bit more and we can still get walk up bookings when we are not here or are in bed . With relief managers not wanting to do any cleaning and charging so much to answer the phone and do nothing else we have eliminated the need to have them, and now we can run the office from anywhere we have the internet. We are just looking to intergrate everything together with channel managers pms and internet bookings which will pretty much auotmate the whole front of house. Thanks again for your very informative response.
    For anyone contemplating the self checkin machine i would recommend leasing one for 18 months for a trial , I for one won`t have amotel without one for now on